Best Countries To Live In With Less Tax

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Wondering of living to a place with no or less tax to pay and still enjoy the goodness of life? Prepare your passport and get ready to migrate! Here are some countries you can enjoy living without the need of paying tax.


Enjoy a lifestyle of lounging in the beach every after work, school or just bumming around in this archipelago located 50 miles off the coast of Florida.

In this city, you do not need any tax accountant Southbank to consult on some amount you have to pay such as income, capital gain, corporate, and even inheritance tax. They do not have to pay any of this kind.

In order for someone to be able to move here legally, an employment contract and long term work permit has to be presented. The same requirement is needed in able to buy any property in the country.


The world’s second smallest country does not require its nationals to pay any income, capital gain or wealth tax amidst the fact of having free healthcare insurance to everyone.

A contract from a Monegasque employer, a business approved by the country and lots of cash are required for someone who wish to move in here.


Citizens working abroad does not have any obligation to pay in the government, but people working inside the country has to file their individual tax return and best bookkeeping services.

Every individual in the city has an equal right to buy property and avail a low cost healthcare.


Live in paradise near Indian Ocean and enjoy breath taking views every day from pristine beaches to nice hiking spots. Non-residents are not entitled to pay any amount to country’s internal revenue while a flat rate of 15% of every national’s income are required to pay in a given time.

A work and residence permit is required for immigrants in able to be considered as country’s investors or professionals.


Enjoy a tax-free working environment in the Middle East. Prepare yourself for extreme hot weather, grand shopping malls, better salary and good career advancement.

Employers are the one responsible to issue a working permit, residence visa and Emirates id for the expats.

Cayman Islands

Enjoy a lifestyle like a grand vacation daily with country’s crystal clear beaches and snorkelling sessions. There is no specific amount to be paid for the expats working in the islands.

Skilled professional for finance and law has the best chance of obtaining a work permit and high-priced salary in the islands.


Another country in the Middle East with a tax-free working environment.

Just like in Dubai, employers are the one responsible to obtain expats working and residence visa.


Residents does not have any obligation to pay in the government. It is a small, tropical and peaceful Caribbean isle located in the Lesser Antilles.

People with working permit obtained from the Department of Labour and approved by the Department of Immigration are entitled to move in.