The Smartphone Revolution

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You spot them everywhere; little square devices on people’s hands, capturing their attention and engaging them in ways only another person could. Is it a mind control device? Some might agree it is. Others, however, see it as nothing short of a blessing for daily life.

The smartphone is undoubtedly one incredible invention. It has only been around for a decade or so, and its actual development was showcased only within the last few years, however, most people nowadays find it difficult to even imagine what their lives were like before they got their very own smartphone.

Reading magazines from a decade ago, one can find many an article about how technological advancement has meant that some companies are thinking of making personalised devices, driven entirely through a touch mechanism that will interact with the user simply through a touch-sensitive screen. The same articles conclude by saying that such an invention, although impressive, is probably more far away into the future, and that people should maybe not get too excited about it. Fast forward a few years later, and every passer-by on the street has a smartphone, simply leading their lives seemingly oblivious to the fact that they use a highly advanced piece of technology throughout their daily life to look at videos of cats.

It is impressive in itself how advanced technology is so commonplace now that people have become totally oblivious to its sheer power, and what a difference it would mean if smartphones were to suddenly not exist one day.

Smartphone-based apps became a big hit over the recent years, simply due to how much more efficient and multifunctional one can make one’s smart device by downloading these apps. You are able to order a quick meal for dinner as well as a brand new jumpsuit, all while comfortably lying in bed. Need to check how the global markets are doing? An app that redirects you to online forex trading sites that show live data, can be downloaded. Such features have not only made daily personal life convenient, but with the aforementioned forex apps and the like, have led to ease of doing business and made the corporate and financial worlds a far more efficient sector.

Whether you are looking to find the best mobile tracking app to stay in tune with the financial world, or are simply hoping to further your own clothing business by connecting with a popular online retail fashion store, current smartphone solutions have made each of these ventures possible and convenient.

No more waiting in line to order your burger and fries; just reach for your phone and log onto your favourite fast food joint’s app, sit back, and breathe a sigh of content that you were born in the 21st century.